List: My top Eurovision 2016 songs

This time I thought I could write a post in English, so more Eurovision fans could enjoy it. Here is my list of this year’s song in Eurovision song contest. For my Swedish entry, click here.

This is a list of the songs I like, and not a list of how I think they will end up in the results. Just my own personal list of favorites.

I will write a short summary of what I think of the songs. For longer reviews, click the links, but they are only in Swedish. But they have YouTube clips, if you haven’t already heard the songs.


Top ten:


1. Austria

Happy, joyful, heavy, cool, exciting fast ballad – in French! I like this so much, way more than when I heard it the first time. It probably won’t win, but it remains my favorite this year.

2. Bulgaria
Modern house song, that is great in every part of the song.

3. Cyprus
Best rock song this year, with all the great ingredients of both rock and Swedish Eurovision writing. Works both as a rock song and ”ordinary song”.

4. France
One of many house inspired songs this year, but definitely one of the better ones.

5. Spain
A song where you just want to get up and dance. A happy song where you can tell Spain really wants to compete this year.

6. Australia
A professional song and singer, where everything is right. It can get a little boring now and then, but it doesn’t really matter as long as the production is as professional as this.

7. Azerbaijan
The country that always delivers great songs to Eurovision Song Contest continue to do so. A very typical Eurovision song, but it doesn’t matter as long it’s good, and this really is.

8. Serbia
A powerful song, but the singer must take it down a notch. That is the difference if this will be a great song or something to laugh at.

9. Russia

Russia always brings magnificent performances, where they go for 100 %. It’s hard not to bring in the poltics, but if you don’t, this is a strong entry, that might as well win. It would deserve it.

10. Belgium

One of many dance songs this year. This is a song you get happy from hearing, and you just want to dance along. Besides stealing the intro from ”Another one bites the dust”, there is noting to get upset about from this entry.


On the top half of the chart:

11. Estonia

When I first heard this, I didn’t care for it at all. But is has grown on me a lot. I like the mystery and the James Bond-esque feeling. The singer and his voice doesn’t seem to fit, but it’s good because of that.

12. Italy

The Big 5 country that has been the best when it comes to always sending great songs, even if they are directly qualified. This year is no exception.

13. Iceland

A lot of the show is stolen from Måns Zelmerlöw, but I like the song anyhow. All parts of the songs, but the chorus is the weakest part.

14. Sweden

Still not a favorite of mine, but it’s not a bad song. Very modern, and I think Frans has a shot at charming Europe the same way as he did with Sweden. Many people like this song at the first hearing, and that’s important.

15. Lithuania

A simple song really, but it works. He is a good artist and does everything nice.

16. Moldova

A difficult song, but I think it works. It’s good, but can be a little anonymous among the other songs this year.

17. Slovenia

Slovenia’s Taylor Swift (of old days) has a country pop song that is interesting and is good as a whole. Maybe not the best verses or choruses, but combine they make a good whole.

18. Czech Republic

A nice song and good singer.

19. Hungary

Trying hard to be Måns Zelmerlöw. It works, but the verses are too dull.

20. Albania

I don’t really know what I like about this, but there is something. A very plain song, really, but there is something nice to it.

21. Croatia

An early favorite of mine, that I don’t care for as much anymore. It will be interesting to see what she will do on stage.


Bottom half:


22. Belarus

Shouldn’t be a good song, but it still is. I don’t quite know what I like about it. It’s very cheezy, but it works. I can’t figure this entry out, really.

23. Poland

I feel the exact same thing about this and Belarus, so read what I just wrote above.

24. Latvia

Actually a bad song, but there is something that drags you in to it. Doesn’t feel modern at all, but at the same time it totally does.

25. Greece

The chorus is so nice. I really like it. That, and a cool video saves this entry, but i think it won’t be as great on stage.

26. United Kingdom

One Direction light are happy and joyful, and the UK seems to want something this year. But in total it’s not that great, but better than recent years.

27. San Marino

A nice song where I really likes the darkness in the chorus and the song. In total, not a great song, but not at all bad.

28. Ireland

Not a bad song, but it just feels too cheezy. Too much boyband and nothing new.

29. Macedonia

A nice song where I really likes the chorus, despite the fact that she sings only one word, basically. But the rest of the song is too weak. But it’s nice that it’s not in English.

30. Malta

Many people holds this as their favorite, but I can’t see why. It gives me nothing when I hear it. Sure, she sings great, and it’s an okay song. But… yawn.

31. Armenia

It has it’s moments, and they are truly great, but those moments are to few. Most of the song is pretty uninteresting.

32. Finland

Joyful and happy, but it doesn’t feel modern. Pretty plain. No, it’s not a fun entry.

33. Bosnia & Hercegovina

Okay song, but I don’t like the rap part. And that is not because I dislike rapping in songs. On the contrary, I tend to think songs get better that way. But not in this case.

34. Switzerland

Not a bad song per se, but this might be this year’s most pointless entry. It’s easily forgotten, and gives me absolutely nothing.

35. Germany

Oh, Germany, what are you doing? For the second straight year you send a boring song (and the two sound alike). You, with so many people living there, you should be able to come up with something better than this.

36. Ukraine

A strong song where you can feel the pain, and the message. But despite the message and the uniqueness in this entry, I think that, musically, this song is too bad to get a higher rank than this.

37. Holland

Easy listening and easy to sing along to, but it’s no fun. I don’t feel anything listening to this. It gives me nothing.

38. Denmark

A little bit the same as with Holland. It’s pleasant and feelgood, but it’s so ”nice” I get a rash. It’s too much. No, Denmark continues to disappoint, by sending boring songs disguised as happy tunes.

39. Israel

So far away from last year’s King of fun. This is boring and dull, and a song where I almost doesn’t want to listening to all three minutes.

40. Norway

For the third straight year, Norway makes me disappointed. This song is just bad, and I can’t quite figure out what it’s trying to be. It’s very much ”been there, done that”. We’ve seen it before.

41. Montenegro

There are quite a few rock songs this year, and this is by far the worst. It’s almost painful to listen to the whole thing.

42. Georgia

Georgia has made a thing of sending weird entries. As they do this year too. It is a song that is trying to be many things at once, and none of those things work out.


There you go. What do you think? Comment (”Kommentera”) below to say what you think.

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