Review and ranking of all 42 Eurovision entries (English)

Just like last year, I decided to make an English version of my ranking of all the songs.

(Here’s the Swedish version)

This is a personal list of how much I like each song, and not how I think the results will be.

For a longer review, click each country (but they are all in Swedish).




  1. Estonia

This has been my favorite ever since I first heard it. It grabs on to you, and I can’t let go. There is so much I love about this entry.
Sure, the singers might seem a bit awkward on stage, and the song might feel old. But it doesn’t matter. This is my favorite song of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.


Top 10:

2. Sweden

There are lots of good things about the Swedish entry, but one is more important than others – it is a song that, if you like it, you like it at first hearing. And that is a big plus, since it’s the first song on stage, and other entries will be compared to that one. It has a great show, and deserves a top three-position on Saturday.

3. France

Back-to-back year where France sends a really good song. I love the mystery, and it works as a bilingual song. I love listening to this.

4. Latvia

Latvia never sends the expected. They think outside the box, and it usually works, like this contemporary club hit. I hope for it to be a cool show.

5. Belgium

One of this year’s best songs and voices, and reminds me a little of France with it’s dark mystery. But I’ve heard that the live version isn’t at all that good, and that’s a risk when you don’t have a national selection. But the studio version is one of my top songs this year.

6. Romania

The 2017 song that stands out the most. Rap and yodeling in a weird combo. It’s corny and strange, but it’s so charming, and the happiness makes up for the weird part. My guilty pleasure song, and I think many others also secretly likes this.

7. Denmark 

Thankfully the typical Danish Eurovision sound is gone, and then our neighboring country actually stands out. Professional singer and production. Well done, Denmark!

8. Italy

The song that will win this year, nice and bombastic Italian happiness. Maybe not the best song, but it deserves to win and has everything a winner should have. The right amount of corniness with the ape and ugly dance, and a song that most of Europe can stand behind. Since there is not one specific song that can threaten Italy, they will win.

9. Israel 

Two years ago we were introduced to Tel Aviv’s King of fun. This year it’s the same concept, and we are invited to a beach party by the Mediterranean, filled with happiness and dancing.

10. Belarus

If Israel invites us to a beach party, Belarus throws a party in the woods. This is also happiness, and it does so even though you can’t understand what they are saying.


Top half:

11. Macedonia

Another club hit. Professional entry and a catchy tune. Nothing special, but it sticks with me and I like it a lot.

12. Montenegro 

One of the most special performances, like an invitation to one of the trendiest gay clubs in Podgorica. And that means full throttle and lots of dancing. But besides the swinging hair, it’s actually a pretty good song.

13. Albania

A song I have liked ever since I wrote my review, as the first song of the year. Works both in Albanian and English.

14. San Marino

A cool disco song, where they raise the key not once, but twice. I love dancing to this. It probably wont get a good position in the standings, though.

15. Czech republic

They duplicate last years winning concept, when they advanced to the final for the first time. Beautiful ballad with a tender singer. A nice song, and it deserves a new spot in the final.

16. Moldava

You just have to surrender to the Epic Sax Guy. This sticks to your brain, and it won’t disappear. This will also be a guilty pleasure song for many people.

17. Greece

A cool dance song, but feels a bit dated. Maybe it would have been a top song 10-15 years ago, but it’s still alright.

18. The Netherlands

The song is nothing special, but the singers are. They are so good, and lifts the song to be amazing. This is probably a song that will grow on me this week.

19. Ukraine

The hosting nation doesn’t disappoint with the only rock song this year. And it’s pretty good, alt least good enough for Ukraine to be a nice host.

20. Serbia

An all okay ballad. Not a favorite, but a good singer and it will probably be a cool number.

21. Ireland 

It doesn’t mater that the singer sounds like a eleven year old girl, or that the title is repeated too many times, I like this song. It’s a ballad that touches you. The country with the most victories ever, doesn’t disappoint.


Bottom half:

22. Croatia

This is an interesting entry. The guy sings a duet with him self. I like opera in the Eurovision. This song just missed to be placed on the top half.

23. Australia

A perfect production and singer, but because of that, it’s a bit boring. It doesn’t feel real, and I’m not moved by it. But a great voice.

24. Cyprus

A bit boring, but still interesting. It’s a song, nothing more, nothing less. But I don’t think that many people will vote for it, even if it’s not too bad.

25. Austria

Everything is pleasant, not a worry in the world. And that’s a bit boring. But it has a charm that will go through the tv screen.

26. Spanien 

Reminds me a lot of the Austrian entry. A nice summer song, but it gets boring quickly. He should have skipped the English part and have an all Spanish song.

27. Azerbaijan

Sounds exactly like everything else that Azerbaijan has sent. A perfect production, but we’ve had it now. Give us something new.

28. Bulgaria

The song is great, but the singer isn’t. His English is horrible, and he can’t pronounce anything. Great song, bad singer.

29. Norway

Norway is the home country of some of the world’s best EDM artists, like Kygo and Alan Walker. So it’s no surprise Norway wants to try it in Eurovision as well. But they chose to send one of the most boring songs in the genre. At a first glance, this might feel contemporary and cool, but don’t be fooled. This is a boring EDM song.

30. Malta 

Malta always sends boring ballads that does nothing to move you. Same this year. Try something different!

31. Switzerland

A boring song with one important element – this is a song that sticks to your brain. The chorus is on of the ones that I have found my self humming the most, and that’s an important key. That is their only hope.

32. Iceland

A strange song. Nothing special at all. Next!

33. United Kingdom

They are moving in the right direction with songs that aren’t too bad, but it’s still not good enough. But it has potential to grow on me.

34. Germany

A  ripoff of David Guetta & Sias Titanium in the intro and throughout the song. And the rest of the song isn’t too good either. Germany might set a Eurovision record – as the only country ever who finished last three consecutive years.

35. Slovenia

15 years ago this song might have felt modern, but it still wouldn’t bee good even then. A pointless song. Why, Slovenia?

36. Poland

What’s up with this song? It’s not complete. It’s like they had a bunch of ideas and tried all without finishing any of them.

37. Georgia

On of the worst countries in recent years. This song is better than 2014 and -16, with some power in it. But still not good.

38. Portugal 

Such a boring song, but many people seems to like it. Worst clothing this year, too. But I think it will do well, and a plus that it’s in Portuguese.

39. Armenia

It doesn’t stand out at all. I like the video, but not even colorful monks can save this. It will probably do better than it deserves.

40. Hungary

A very strange song. I don’t like the song, but I do like the idea of the etno influences. Because of the language, it’s a bit mysterious and I like that. But otherwise, this is a bad entry.

41. Finland 

Such a boring ballad. Finland continues to disappoint. You fall asleep before the three minutes are over.

42. Lithuania 

Here you go – the worst song this year! It’s just awful. The only fun thing about this is that the singer looks like the cartoon character Little My from the Moomin trolls. But it’s so unclear what this song is trying to be, and it totally deserves the title ”Worst of all, 2017”.


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