English: My favorites – my ranking of all 41 songs in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Here we go again! My list where I rank all 41 songs by how much I like them. Not how I think they will end up. But this year, my favorite might actually win the whole thing!

For years ago, Slovenia won my ranking. 2016 Austria, 2017 Estonia and last year Czech Republic was my favorite. And this year, it’s Switzerland!

Each country has a longer review, which you can read my clicking the link (only Swedish though). My views are based on Spotify and YouTube versions, and I haven’t watched the rehearsals.


Top 10

  1. Switzerland

This has been one of by big favorites since I first heard it. A nice song and hopefully a cool number. This could go all the way. And if people like it, they will like it immediately, and that’s important.


2. San Marino

So lovely. A full party when San Marino says na na na and makes all of Europe dancing. (Ser)Hats off to this song!


3. Ireland

A wonderful ballad that you want to listen to as you’re crusing California Highway 1 in a convertible and just enjoy life.


4. Sweden

John Lundvik is a real pro. Everything works, and along with the gospel choir The Mamas, he might as well take home the 8th victory for Sweden.


5. Denmark

So cozy and sweet. A Lovely little song that makes you happy. You just want to sit with her on the big chair and forget all the problems in the world for a little while.


6. Norway

Norway’s inviting you to a Sami themes party, and goes all in. A typical Eurovision song with extra everything. Might be more of a fan favorite than a winning candiate. But I’m one of the fans, so I like it.


7. Malta

Reminds me a lot of last year’s Fuego (as do many other songs this year). A really cool artist and song, I like them both.

8. Spain 

Just like San Marino, this is just a big party from start to finish. Don’t care about his live performance voice, this makes me happy.


9. Latvia

Most of Europe ditches this song, and think it will end up in last place. It might as well do, but I still like it. I have tried, but I cannot dislike it.


10. France

Strong message and a cool performer. That’s a good combination, that has lead to victory before, like last year. It could work out like this now as well, and that would be fun.


Upper half

11. Italy

I’m a bit surprised that I placed this song this high up on the list. But as I rank the songs, this beat one song after another. It’s a cool song, with the darkness and a different beat.


12. Cyprus

Same-same as last year. I wasn’t a big fan of Fuego until I got to Portugal and saw the staging. Might be the same feeling this year. Count on a great performer and a cool show.


13. Russia

Many people are dissapointed that he didn’t do the same thing as last time, when he almost won in 2016. But I like that he is trying something else. It’s a different kind of ballad that wins you over before the three minutes are over.


14. Netherlands

It’s the big winning candidate, but I can’t see why. Sure, it’s a good song, but nothing else. Why it would be the only winner I cannot understand. But maybe I like it a little less just because of the big hype that it doesn’t deserve.


15. Greece

Not a super song. But I like it more and more each time I listen to it. The only song from Tuesday’s semifinal that might have anything to do with the higher standings this Saturday.


16. Estonia

An all okay EDM-song. Sounds a lot like Avicci, but this genre is getting a bit old ny now. Especially when it’s nothing too good.


17. Finland

The same as with Estonia. A nothing-special EDM song. It’s nice to see Darude making a comeback, but it’s never too exciting.


18. North Macedonia

Strong song, but it’s lacking something. They usually have bad staging, but hopefully the new name of the country could bring something new to the competition as well.

19. Azerbaijan

Maybe I have been too harsh to this song. I think this is the song that will grow on me the most this week.


20. Czech Republic

My favorite country from last year does not deliver this year. It’s a bit modern, a bit indie, but it’s nothing more than a pleasant tune.


21. Belarus

A young girl striving to be Zara Larsson. And sure, Zara is good, but Zena isn’t there yet. But it’s a bit catchy, and stays on the upper half om my list.


Bottom half

22. Albania

A good song that ends up on the wrong side of the half line in my list. It’s cool and might get a good result, but a bit too anonymous for my taste.


23. Moldova

A lot of everything. Reminds me of several older songs, in a good way. Neither good nor bad. Could have a tough time advancing though.


24. Hungary

It’s better than his song from two years ago, but it’s too boring. I like the whistling part, but that doesn’t save the whole song.


25.  Iceland

This song could have been much higher and much lower on this list. The ”song” isn’t good, but the whole thing is. It’s very cool, and I appreciate that they go all in at something completely new, in an uncharted territory in Eurovision land. They will do well, and that will be fun.


26. Armenia

The singer has some power, but it’s way too anonymous. I don’t get any feelings in any directions about this song.


27. Austria

I really like the artist. She is cool, a good singer and she does what she can. But the song is too boring. It never gets interesting, and you forget about it. Thanks to the artist, Austria ends up higher in my rakning than the song deserves on its own.


28. Australia

Hahaha, what are you doing!? It feels like now that Australia has done this competition a couple of times, they now want to try the quirkiness of Eurovision. But it becomes more of a parody than an homage. This falls way down, despite it’s name.


29. Belgium

This doesn’t move me at all. They want to do something, they want a good song, but they don’t. A totally anonymous artist. This entry gives me nothing.


30. Romania

Another average song that doesn’t go in any direction. It neither makes anyone happy nor angry.


31. Montenegro

Yuck, this gets worse each time I watch it. Especially watch. The song isn’t too bad, but this group of kids reminds me of a doomsday cult. Too goody-goody.


32. Slovenia

This isn’t bad, just incredible dull and boring. I always have high hopes for Slovenia, but they disappoint me this year. They could reach the final, but they don’t deserve it.


33. Croatia

Too much, in a bad way. Over the top. Such bad lyrics. It would be better if he sang entirely in Croatian, so we can’t hear the bad English lyrics.


34. Poland

I get the idea, but I can’t take the screechy voices. Yes, this might be traditional and nice, but no, this is not my cup of tea.


35. Serbia

There are many great Balkan ballads through the years, but this is not one of them. It has some power, but the song doesn’t to anything for me.


36. Lithuania

Not bad, just very pointless. After the longest selection process in Europe, this is what we get? They could do better, but keeps disappointing us.


37. Germany

Apparently, last year was a one time happening. After last year’s great song, they are back on track on being bad. A strange feminist song that rather divides than get women together.


38. United Kingdom

My God, this is too much and good-goody. Such different between two songs written by the same guy (John Lundvik).  I cant really stand it, it’s too much complacency.


39. Israel

Speaking of complacency, here is Israel! My gosh, he takes him self so seriously, and thinks he is the greatest singer ever born. We won’t be getting back to Tel Aviv next year.


40. Georgia

Year after year Georgia ends up in the bottom of my lists. I can actually say that they have never had a good song, in my opinion. This could have placed last in this list too, because it’s just awful.


41.  Portugal

Congratulations, Portugal! For the second year in a row, you end up last in my ranking of all songs. At least something to be happy about.

There are many weird songs this year, but most of them have something to them. This is just strange, in a bad way.



There we go, all my reviews and rankings.


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