Millers tack till HBK och fansen – igen

Ny hemsida. Ny blogg.
Då försvann på grund av tekniska obegripligheter Ryan Millers tack till HBK och supportrarna för åren här som han mailade mig via Richard Magyar.
Så därför tar vi det igen. I sin helhet och oredigerat.

”To All the Great Fans of Hbk,
I want to thank you for the past 3 fantastic years in Halmstad as part of Hbk! I have made many friendships for the rest of my life. I became a better player during my time there. I’m really excited that I could help bring Hbk back to the Allsvenskan for 2013! Last season was a so much fun and very rewarding. I wish Hbk much success this year and for years to come!
As of today, I have accepted my next challenge in soccer, as a member of the Portland Timbers in Major League Soccer in the US. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to return to the US in the league where I started my career in 2008. If you’re ever in the US, come look me up!
Wishing you all the best,
Ryan Miller
Hbk #4”


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